• Wisdom of the
    MOBile maJORITY
    The power is in your hands
    to ask the world a question.

Why Us

Mobjority is an anonymous, connectionless, social app that gives anyone the power to take advantage of what Aristotle termed the "Wisdom of the Crowd".

Settle long debates between friends and family, get help with decisions, or just have fun. You can even link videos that help make your argument, or tag one that does it better.

See the mood of an area after a big event. Like checking the mood of the city after a championship win, a political election, breaking news, or a slow weekend. You can also affect the mood of an area by the mood you choose.

Mobjority is the faceless network that allows you to reach the world, so that you can stay connected while being unconnected.

Now Imagine asking the world a question...


Exciting features keep you informed and engaged...

  • Decorative UI when your mood is set
  • Get answers to questions important to you
  • See trending questions around the country
  • See the mood of any area in the country
  • View videos tagged to an answer
  • View percentage chart for each answered question



Contact Us

(469) 718-9528